The Issue - Legacy Systems


Modernise your infrastructure

Modern IT leaders face a dilemma. The cost and complexity of traditional IT leaves few resources to focus on transformative projects and innovation—let alone a worry-free environment. And while public cloud promises greater speed and agility, going all-in on cloud isn’t possible for business-critical workloads where performance, protection, privacy, and control are paramount.


Cost and complexity of traditional IT

A traditional IT stack requires multiple point solutions, funnelling time and money to operational tasks instead of strategic business initiatives.

Need for greater speed and agility

The rapid pace of innovation and the existential threat of public cloud puts pressure on in-house IT to move faster and better respond to changing business needs

Performance for diverse workloads

Few data centers are optimized for just one application. Need a platform that delivers excellent performance for all workloads.

Threat of data loss and downtime

This pre-integrated, hyper-converged building block dramatically simplifies IT by combining all infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads—including guaranteed data efficiency, data protection, and VM-centric management and mobility.

What can you achieve with HPE SimpliVity?

The digital evolution is putting pressure on IT to move faster. Businesses are weighed down by an IT infrastructure not designed to meet the requirements of today’s virtual environments. Through hyperconverged solutions that bring together servers, storage and networking in one simple platform, customers can now streamline complex manual processes and non-integrated IT infrastructure to support the business. However, most of today’s hyperconverged solutions are solving only part of the problem. With the growth of virtualisation, more appliances have been added to the legacy infrastructure stack to manage increasing demand.



These appliances include solutions for backup and deduplication, WAN optimisation, storage caching, and others. Today's businesses need a powerhouse hyperconverged solution that combines not only servers and storage, but all other IT devices below the hypervisor—a powerful, simple, and efficient platform with the agility and economics of the cloud in an on-premises environment.

Vohkus recommends HPE SimpliVity 380

The HPE SimpliVity 380 gives IT leaders the agility and economics of the cloud with the control and governance of on-premises IT. It delivers a powerhouse hyper converged solution capable of running some of the world’s most efficient and resilient data centres. This solution dramatically simplifies IT by combining infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualised workloads onto the bestselling server platform in the market HPE SimpliVity 380, available on HPE ProLiant DL380 Servers, is a compact, scalable 2U rack-mounted building block that delivers server, storage, and storage networking services. It also delivers a complete set of advanced functionalities that enables dramatic improvements to the efficiency, management, protection, and performance of virtualised workloads at a fraction of the cost and complexity of today’s traditional infrastructure stack.

The HPE SimpliVity 380 is the only Storage System that can deliver:

Asset 9

Storage Efficiency

Asset 10

Backup a VM in
under 60secs

Asset 11

Offer 73% TCO
reduction and up to
55% less than cloud

Solve key business challenges

HPE SimpliVity 380 Datasheet

For IT leaders struggling to achieve the agility and economics of the cloud, with the control and governance of on-premises IT, HPE SimpliVity 380 delivers a powerhouse hyperconverged solution.


HPE Gen10 servers: What you should know

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Vohkus working with HPE

This animal feed specialist's server and storage were at capacity, difficult to manage, performing slowly and causing outages. Vohkus created an HPE Hyper Converged solution with HPE.